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Invictus Capital AUM reaches $112M as crypto adoption booms

The company’s Crypto20 index fund registered 221% growth quarter-over-quarter.
Cryptocurrency asset manager Invictus Capital saw significant growth in assets under management during the first quarter, highlighting the rapid uptake of digital assets among institutional investors. Assets under management surged by 50% to $112 million in the quarter ending March 31, Invictus disclosed Thursday. The company’s Crypto20 index fund, a tokenized fund of the top-20 cryptocurrencies, registered 221% growth. “Our Q1 report speaks volumes about the cryptocurrency market’s ongoing boom and the lucrative opportunity that structured crypto funds offer,” CEO Daniel Schwartzkopff said, adding:”We see the most recent bull cycle—which coincides with greater institutional adoption—as a critical juncture in Bitcoin’s relatively short history and a signal that the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies as a global store-of-value is

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