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Hashmasks and Terra Virtua to split royalties from the vFlect Hashmasks collection

Owners of the Hashmasks NFTs will be entitled to royalties from the sale of this unique collection.
Terra Virtua, the purveyor of robot characters called vFlects, is partnering with Hashmasks, a leader in conceptualized NFTs, to launch a unique NFT collection called the vFlect Hashmasks. The unique partnership creates a new group of NFT collectibles, pairing legendary vFlects with infamous Hashmasks.
After unveiling a special collaborative line of NFT collectibles, Terra Virtua published a waiting list for current Hashmask owners to license their NFT holdings for the vFlect Collection.
With more than 120 people on the waiting list and 500 more in line before a week of scheduled drops, it is the first-ever scenario where an NFT owner will benefit from their tertiary holdings. Both platforms have joined hands to implement a “rolling royalty” ecosystem where NFT owners of Hashmasks will be entitled to royalties and proceeds from the forthcoming vFlect Hashmasks Collection sale.

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