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FTX’s new lumber market sees more than $4 million in trading volumes since launch

Traders on FTX have been longing logs. 
During the market debut of a new contract tied to lumber, the price of the new cash-settled contract surged above $800 from around $760 earlier in the trading session.
The launch comes as lumber demand surges. As noted by Fortune, the price of lumber has surged by more than 280% thanks to “pure panic” as builders “scramble for supply.”
On Wednesday, lumber futures rallied above $1,500 for the first time ever, as reported by Bloomberg News. 

Since launching this morning, the market saw more than $4.6 million in trading volume, according to data reported by FTX. 
FTX is known for offering products in unique assets outside of the crypto market, including pre-IPO contracts in companies ahead of their market debut. The firm, for instance, offered contracts in Airbnb and Coinbase ahead of their respective market debuts. 
To be sure, $3 million in trading volumes is a tiny fraction of the turnover FTX sees in its crypto market. And therefore

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