Crypto Tax Calculator Review – Everything You Need To Know About This Cryptocurrency Tax Software

In this article, we will introduce the cryptocurrency tax software Crypto Tax Calculator and examine it to see if it’s a trustworthy and safe option.
What’s Crypto Tax Calculator
Crypto Tax Calculator is a software tool allowing users to calculate taxes on virtual currency trading activity. The platform supports more than 100 exchanges, a variety of DeFi protocols, and is one of the few currently in existence accurately supporting Binance Smart Chain and NFTs.
Founder Shane Brunette devised Crypto Tax Calculator after running into trouble calculating taxes after the 2017 ICO boom.
He found the services of a crypto accountant too expensive, but could not find software that could accurately categorize a large amount of complex Ethereum-based transactions.

Photo: Crypto Tax Calculator Website
Turning to a software engineering background, he launched Crypto Tax Calculator in 2018, according to an interview, and later brought his brother Tim as Chief Technical Officer.
A Unique And Pop

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