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Coinbase Saw a 17% Jump in Law Enforcement Requests in 2020

A new report from Coinbase reveals the extent to which the cryptocurrency giant has become the focus of investigations by U.S. authorities and law enforcement around the world. The so-called Transparency Report, released on Wednesday, shows Coinbase received 4,227 requests for customer data in 2020 and that the pace of requests is increasing.
It is not surprising that law enforcement is demanding data from Coinbase given the explosion in popularity of cryptocurrency, and the potential money laundering and other legal risks that come along with that.
What is remarkable, though, is the range of agencies asking for customer information. As the chart below shows, the U.S. agencies knocking on Coinbase’s door range from the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency to the country’s tax collector, the IRS, and the Food and Drug Administration:
Coinbase law enforcement requests
The numbers in the chart above reflect only U.S. law enforcement requests from the second half of 2020, which came to 1,197 in

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