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ABBC Coin Is the Next Payment Coin in Buyaladdin, Holds 100x100x100 Event to Celebrate

PRESS RELEASE. The global shopping platform Buyaladdin announces a huge collaboration with ABBC Foundation in an event called the 100x100x100 ABBC Event. In this event, the Buyaladdin team will pick 100 winners of 100 dollars every day for 100 days. More specifically, the team gives their supporters an opportunity to win and shop with products worth 100 USD with only 1 ABBC.
The event will start on May 3, 2021 and end after 100 days. According to the team, they will hold the event every day from 00:00 to 23.59 (GMT+ 9). Users that have at least 1 ABBC in the app can participate in this event. Buyaladdin will draw 100 winners every day and will make the announcement at 10:00 (GMT +9) on the following day of participation.
As mentioned above, the team will pick 100 winners every day throughout the duration of the event. These winners will be able to shop items worth 100 USD with their 1 ABBC. Their ABBC will be converted into Event ABBC that they can use to shop. Winners can shop on Kor

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