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Gold-as-a-currency: Kinesis launches blockchain-backed monetary system in Indonesia

In partnership with the Indonesian government, Kinesis is using blockchain technology to deliver gold-based financial services to the population.
Kinesis, a gold-backed monetary system based in the Cayman Islands, has launched a Sharia-compliant version of its product in Indonesia, setting the stage for wider acceptance of its blockchain solution in the world’s largest Muslim-population country. The product, PosGO Syariah, is described as the first mobile ecosystem business in Indonesia to be compliant with Islamic law. Delivered as an application and powered by blockchain technology, PosGO is a digitized physical gold trading platform that also allows users to conduct real-time, peer-to-peer transfers of gold and fiat currency. The platform also offers a payment gateway and a “Gold Mecca” community savings program for Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage. Importantly, PosGo is being launched in partnership with PT Pos, Indo

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