Nominex Has Launched Its Own Utility DeFi Token

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Crypto exchange Nominex has officially launched its own utility DeFi token. NMX is the world’s first exchange token to offer utilitarian staking. With NMX you can:

  • Receive 100% discount on all trading commissions
  • Withdraw crypto for free up to 3 times a day
  • Add assets to liquidity for 72 years, receiving rewards
  • Get access to 10 types of referral bonuses for the affiliate program
  • Earn your share of the NMX personal staking pool
  • Earn your share of staking on Nominex from the Extra bonus pool, consisting of 3 pools

Why does the DeFi market need a CEX exchange token?

For a balanced and fair distribution of tokens, the Nominex team created a smart contract based on the popular farming mechanics, where everything is transparent, clearly fixed, and no one manipulates anyone. Nominex implemented utilitarian staking, where, depending on the amount of invested funds, a partner-level is determined, which gives unique bonuses for using the exchange itself. Important! This is not a token utility, but a staking utility.


4 Pools available

Nominex allows you to receive staking income from 4 pools. The maximum number of tokens will be distributed in the first 2 weeks.

This is done to reward early adopters and early stakers. 490,000 NMX will be distributed in the first 2 weeks! More than in the next 2 months. Up to 40,000 NMX per day will be allocated as part of the promotional pool. After that, the number of distributed tokens will gradually decrease. These 40,000 NMX will be allocated to:

  1. Personal Staking Pool – Earn your share of the daily NMX pool on personal staking (profit only depends on personal staking). Staking is based on the BSC blockchain. All the rules are written in a smart contract.

Extra bonus pool – staking on the Nominex platform. All rules are declared and implemented in the Nominex business logic, centrally. Comprises:

  1. Bonus pool for staking period – Receive an additional bonus of up to 20% depending on the time of continuous staking.
  2. Bonus pool for direct referrals – Receive from 5 to 20% of excess income from daily farming of your direct referrals.
  3. Bonus pool for team staking – at 00 UTC, the exchange determines the weak team and credits up to 20% bonus from the aggregate tokens farmed by your weak team, as well as + 100% to your team staking income by increasing the partner level to the maximum.

Team farming NMX

The uniqueness of the system is that on Nominex you can earn even more on team farming. That is, staking of people involved in the project to farm by someone else’s referral link. And since they will also stake, then the earnings are:

  • On the rise in the price of the coin
  • On personal staking
  • On team staking

The distribution system is designed for 72 years and all this time the world’s largest referral tree will be formed, in which the user, due to the overflow effect, will receive most of his referral bonuses from users whom he does not even know personally. They can be 20 or even 2000 levels away in the “tree”.

The reward system consists of team staking bonuses and bonuses from your partners’ expenses. The benefit of the bonus depends on the level, and the level of the number of staked NMX. The higher the partner level, the higher the bonus.

Personal recommendation bonus

Earn 20-40% of the total expenses of your direct referrals. You get up to 40% of all trading commissions from direct referrals

Direct referral staking bonus

From 5% to 25% of the number of farmed tokens by direct referrals

Team Staking Bonus

Up to 100% additional profitability to the standard team staking bonus

Binary bonus

Get from 5 to 20% of paid commissions in a weak leg (subject to a cycle)

Leadership bonus

Receive 10% (2.5 USDT) from every team bonus your direct referrals receive

Achievement bonus

Depending on the partner rank, up to $ 5000, subject to the completion of 500 team cycles in a certain time period

Quick start bonus

If you receive your first team bonus (25 USDT) within 7 days after registration, then you will additionally receive a quick start bonus in the amount of 50 USDT.

Team Help Bonus

If your personally invited partners receive their first team bonus (25 USDT) within the first 7 days after their registration, then you will receive a team help bonus equal to 25 USDT.

At the same time, your partners receive a quick start bonus.

Trading commission discount

Up to 100%

Cryptocurrency withdrawals without commission

Up to 3 times a day

The NMX / USDT liquidity pool will be hosted on PancakeSwap, built on the Binance Smart Chain. This will allow to significantly save on commissions and conduct transactions much quicker.

About Nominex

Nominex is the best launching pad for crypto trading, education, cryptocurrency trading, participating in tournaments and earning passive income. Ideal for beginners. Without KYC and with fiat. On the market for 3 years.

Nominex also offers:

-10 free educational lessons

-Combo: Training + risk-free tournaments with real prizes in USDT.

-Trusted funds are the best replacement for leverage for newbies. No interest, no collateral





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