Legendary Rock Star Gene Simmons Buys Cardano (ADA) Worth $300,000

Gene Simmons, the legendary KISS bassist, has made another dip into cryptocurrencies. The famous musician has expressed his belief in Cardano, presuming 2021 would be “the most productive year” for the altcoin.

Believing in the Future of Cardano

Rock star Gene Klein, aka Gene Simmons, has appeared in online social media with yet another pro-cryptocurrency commentary. This time KISS’s legendary bass guitarist has expressed his opinion on Cardano and its native digital coin ADA.

In his recent publication on Twitter, Simmons explained one of his fundamental personal reasons for investing and holding the altcoin. The musician pointed out that he believes in Cardano because of Hoskinson (Charles) – Cardano’s creator and co-founder of Ethereum.

In his tweet, the musician expressed his trust in the altcoin hopping on Hoskinson’s envision that 2021 would be the most productive year in Cardano’s history yet

He addressed his followers in another announcement, stating he has bought $300,000 of CARDANO (ADA). Simmons also ensured that the public should not take him as a financial analyst, but still, he explained that he believes in his investment and its further price increase.

“(I am) simply letting U know what I am doing and what I believe in. Why? Because I believe it’s going up..and it’s always up to you to research & decide”, reads the tweet.

Gene Simmons. Source: INC Magazine
Gene Simmons. Source: INC Magazine

Later on, his publication is followed by a whirlpool of comments, including support, advice, offers for partnership, and a few negative opinions, as well.

As per the time of writing, Cardano has been at 6th place among the top ten crypto assets right now, marking a worth of $0.925.

Celebrities and Their Romance with Cryptocurrencies

Just a couple of days ago, Gene Simmons announced another purchase of top cryptocurrencies, among which Ethereum and Bitcoin as well, apparently building up his crypto portfolio.

Meanwhile, celebrities being ambassadors of crypto assets is a particular case nowadays, as the primary digital asset Bitcoin follows a significant soaring in its price. There are several other instances where singers, actors, and sports stars have dived into the crypto pool, promoting their investment choice. 

A couple of days ago, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan tweeted about TRON, saying she has been exploring the world of DeFi and NFTs. Recently, she announced the sale of her NFT, Bitcoin “Lightning”.

Another recent Bitcoin collaboration was the one between hip-hip star Jay and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. They have teamed up to donate BTC for developers in Africa.

Featured Image Courtesy of INC

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