BitLaunch: Enhancing Privacy With Crypto VPS Services

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Cloud services have emerged as a much-needed solution by companies and individuals around the world. Long gone are the days when we needed to equip an entire building with computers just to satisfy the needs of our enterprise.

Now, cloud services are on the rise. They are the backbone of the wave of scalability – something that each enterprise needs to look into.

With this said, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also on the rise. BitLaunch provides cloud servers that are simple, fast, secure, and developer-ready. Interestingly enough, they also allow their clients to pay with cryptocurrencies, opening up new avenues and possibilities.

Bitcoin VPS: What it Offers

As mentioned above, BitLaunch is a cloud service provider that also allows its clients to use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Using BitLaunch comes with a range of benefits. Users, for instance, can take advantage of their Developer API to create and manage servers for their projects. They can do this and even pay for it programmatically. Their staff is also user-friendly and will provide you with all the help you need when it comes to setting up the server or choosing the right capabilities for it based on your needs.

The company only uses SSD drives and KVM technology. This means that users can launch anonymous bitcoin VPS servers on Linux or Windows and also pay hourly.

Among a wide range of options, some that the users can go for include:

  • ShadowsocksR VPS – clients are able to deploy a ShadowsocksR VPS in seconds thanks to the 1-click install option to deploy a new server quickly.
  • Windows RDP VPS – this one is powered by Windows 10.
  • Bitcoin VPS – to those who prefer anonymity, users are able to pay for their VPS with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin as a Means of Transaction

Decentralized payment systems such as Bitcoin are growing in popularity for a range of different reasons. The technology behind them is run by a network of participants that operate on the basis of mutual consensus – essentially, there’s no central authority.

The benefits that come with it are numerous. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

  • No barriers to entry

Many countries around the world, including China, Kenya, Indonesia, India, and countless others, have countless citizens without access to a bank account. This makes it virtually impossible for them to use a traditional payment method to pay for servers. Bitcoin opens that door.

  • Payments can’t be blocked

In continuation to the above, central authorities such as banks can find numerous reasons to block payments. This is especially true for certain countries and jurisdictions. The decision for this is made by a central authority (a bank, most often) over which users have no control. Bitcoin solves this, and your payment can never be blocked.

  • Pseudonymity

Bitcoin is pseudonymous – this means that your identity might never be revealed as long as you never submit KYC verification documents to exchange and interact with it.

Using a VPS as a VPN

While both terms might sound familiar, there are certain differences that you have to consider. A VPN is a virtual private network that gives you online privacy and security, and it also allows you to bypass certain geo-location restrictions.

A VPS, as discussed above, is a virtual private server. You can connect it to an encrypted protocol and keep your information safe, but its purpose is not only to protect your identity – but it can also be used for development, to host a game, a server, or a number of other things.

In other words, VPS offers certain flexibility as you can use it as a VPN but also take advantage of it for a range of other things.

It’s also important to note that when using a traditional paid VPN service, this means that your privacy is only as secure as your provider. Since they set up the software on your behalf, they can still:

  • Scoop up your data and sell it to advertisers.
  • Hold a backdoor for authorities, should they need to pursue a criminal case.
  • Maintain a log, even if they say they don’t.

Using a VPS allows you to forego all of the above as you will be in control of everything on the server, including the logs and so forth.

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