Why has Bitcoin’s price dropped? We explain!

Cryptocurrencies are assets that fluctuate strongly in price. Declines of 20% or even 30% can be classified as something “typical” for this market. If you are wondering why Bitcoin cost $ 40,000 on one day and suddenly fell to $ 30,000 on the second, we have answers to these and other questions for you! Bitcoin price – why has it dropped?At the moment when BTC stumbled, many critics and biggest enemies of this cryptocurrency began to attack it, claiming that it was nothing more than a speculative bubble. While some new entrants may have believed it, those who have been in the market for much longer, or have closely followed the Bitcoin chart, know that these types of declines are “the norm”.Let’s take a look at what happened with the price of this cryptocurrency during the boom in 2017. Well, before it reached the historical level of USD 20,000, the so-called pullbacks – decreases by 30% or even 40% – their average is around 35%. These were not one-offs, such strong corrections occurre

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