Bitcoin’s price has a strong level of support. Whales catch BTC on every occasion

While the oldest cryptocurrency trades sideways close to $ 37,000 per coin, speculators are looking forward to the next strong upward move. Others, on the other hand, are counting on a strong correction, but this is blocked by whales, which buy Bitcoin at every major decline. See what is happening on the BTC market and what the mood is in the community! Strong support of $ 30,000 per coinAfter the oldest cryptocurrency dropped from above $ 41,000 to around $ 31,000 a week ago, new entrants were confused. While there was anxiety among those focused on quick profits, for experienced investors such a strong correction was quite normal. It is worth adding that on the road to the boom in 2017-2018, Bitcoin had as many as 9 pullbacks – price drops of at least 30%.The whales quickly seized the opportunity by buying BTC at a discount. While the oldest cryptocurrency trades around $ 37,000 per coin, JP Morgan Chase’s Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou says it needs to recover at $ 40,000, and if it doesn’

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