How to fund a BTC wallet? How to send Bitcoin?

The funding of wallets depends primarily on its type. The article will focus on the possibilities offered by online platforms, but remember that there are hardware wallets that are not directly connected to the network and allow you to stay more secure. How to top up your BTC wallet?The BTC wallet can be supplemented, among others through the cryptocurrency exchange on which we made the purchase. The second option is to replenish the BTC wallet through an online exchange office. It is worth bearing in mind that this form is based on the owner who decides on the currency rate himself. This form is extremely simple, fast and safe. Usually, replenishing the wallet takes up to a few hours maximum. Undoubtedly, it is the easiest way to replenish the wallet due to the standard mechanism for doing this on each of the platforms. The last form is receiving BTC from another user.How to send BTC?BTC can be sent, among others via a mobile BTC wallet, which can be accessed even on our mobile phone

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