How does Bitcoin mining work?

The first associations about Bitcoin mining and mining, for people who do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies, probably appear in the form of an army of workers who work hard underground in order to dig the coveted ore … As it turns out, in fact, the analogy to The terminology of mines works pretty well for “Bitcoin mining”! Bitcoin mining – how does it work?Behind the term “mining” are computations performed by computers, which are constructed in such a way that their result is not easy to obtain. In fact, the difficulty of the bills is so high that they cannot be solved “just like that” by even the most powerful computers in the world! In a very simplified way, it can be said that digital coins are simply a reward for solving extremely difficult mathematical operations, for which enormous computing power is necessary. How does it look in practice?
Let’s start with the results of Bitcoin mining. The first is the release of completely new digital coins previously unavailab

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