What is a Bitcoin mine?

Probably everyone has heard about bitcoin. It is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin can be bought on exchanges or mined by yourself. In slang related to the cryptocurrency industry, In very simple words this means that when you have a super computer with very high computing power, you can generate bitcoins yourself. What is a Bitcoin mine?To cope with bitcoin mining, however, you need a really great quality computer. This is why there are places called mining pools. People who want to earn money together by mining bitcoins join the forces of their machines, or computers, to generate more calculations in this way. How to assemble a cryptocurrency miner? What you really need is an investment in very good quality equipment. There are many indications that Bitcoin mining is the most expensive. to buy the right computer, you need to invest even several thousand zlotys. You can also do it on ordinary equipment, but then it is more of a hobby than an idea for real earning.

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