How to check if the computer is mining cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency mining is not always our intention. Read how to check if your computer is mining cryptocurrencies and how to prevent it. Cryptocurrency mining in practice – what is worth knowing?History has shown that currency mining can be a very profitable business. It is not surprising then that investors have started to use computer farms with huge computing power to mine them. In addition, small, individual miners began to gather and mine cryptocurrencies together under the so-called mining pool. All these activities are aimed at increasing the chances of mining cryptocurrencies. Illegal methods of their extraction have also emerged.How to check if the computer is mining cryptocurrencies?Dishonest miners, wanting to increase the chance of mining cryptocurrency, may install malware on the computers of other miners or completely unaware of the existence of third party cryptocurrencies. They then use the computing power of their private computers without the users knowing it. That is

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