Figment Is Distributing $100,000 in Tokens to Web 3 Developers

Figment, Canada’s largest blockchain infrastructure and software provider, has announced Figment Learn, a way for developers to receive Web 3 tutorials and rewards. The company is set to distribute $100,000 in tokens to developers who engage with the platform.

Web 3 promises to be the new era for Internet technology. To fully harness Web 3 technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning, developers need to learn about decentralization and blockchain technology. Now, Figment is trying to help promote Web 3 technology by distributing tokens to developers.

“Figment Learn helps developers understand why Web 3 matters and how they best can leverage its potential,” said Yannick Folla, product manager and head of Learn at Figment.

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To leverage this potential, it is anticipated that Figment will be distributing $50,000 NEAR, $25,000 Mina, and $25,000 ROSE tokens to developers who are actively engaged in tutorials and the spread of knowledge in the community.

“It aims to spark the next wave of blockchain innovation by opening the horizon beyond Ethereum,” Folla added.

Figment Learn’s focus might be to catalyze Web 3 development, but this emphasis on sharing knowledge and fostering community is also important for the company.

Partnering with Mina, NEAR, and Oasis Network, Figment Learn is able to reward developers for building on their technology, as well as for sharing knowledge with others. “In order to create the most comprehensive Web 3 knowledge base, we reward community members who publish tutorials to accelerate the pace of innovation in Web 3,” Figment said in a statement.

The initiative provides access to educational content about Web 3 technology like practice tutorials which can be completed via DataHub, and has been set up with the goal of equipping developers with the knowledge needed to understand which network or protocol best suits them.

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