Peer to peer in cryptocurrencies – how does it work?

The peer to peer network has its application in digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies. Learn all about p2p and its use in the context of cryptocurrencies. Peer to peer – how does it work in the context of cryptocurrencies?Nodes, nodes and peer to peerP2P and cryptocurrenciesSummaryPeer to peer – how does it work in the context of cryptocurrencies?The principle of P2P network operation is quite simple and is based on an even simpler method of data exchange. These can be – horrifyingly – multimedia files and documents, but also cryptocurrencies. How does this whole system work and why is it the basic “accounting book” of the cryptocurrency market?Nodes, nodes and peer to peerPeer to peer network is divided – to put it simply – into two types of its users. The first of these are computers that act as clients, that is, computers that receive data from the network. The second group includes computers acting as servers that send data to specific clients. Each of the P2P users acts as

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