Bitcoin and its legality. Where is Bitcoin legal?

I don’t think there is a person who would not hear about cryptocurrencies. This virtual money is related to the development of modern technologies and the world of the Internet. They were introduced into circulation several years ago in order to use them to finalize various types of transactions concluded online. What is bitcoin legal in the world? It turns out that more and more countries are taking this virtual currency seriously. Where is Bitcoin legal?Sometimes people wonder how it is possible to pay for services or material goods with money that does not exist physically. But it really is. There are more and more cryptocurrencies in the world, but the most popular is bitcoin. Currently, it is legal in over 120 countries around the world. This means that, out of 257 countries, Bitcoin is almost half present and legal. This is undoubtedly a very good trend. It is worth getting interested in this virtual currency, among other things, for investment purposes. Real enthusiasts of cryp

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