Whales count on an increase in the rate of LINK tokens

As it turns out, the 100 largest investors of the Chainlink project have been accumulating LINK tokens since last year. Moreover, this trend continued even after their price dropped in September. What could this accumulation mean? The most important information:
A company dealing with the analysis of data placed on blockchains – Santiment, informed that despite the decline in the LINK token rate, the hundred largest whales not only kept them in their wallets, but also increased their balances (cryptocurrency exchanges do not fit into this framework)
Analysts say this behavior may indicate increased confidence in Chainlink on the part of those with the most to lose
Whales accumulate LINK tokens despite their price drop
Chainlink investors do not lose faith in its future success. It turns out that the 100 biggest whales of LINK tokens (excluding cryptocurrency exchanges) kept these coins even when their price was falling, and they were increasing their balance.

This relationship has be

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