Electrum wallet – what is it and how to use Electrum?

Find out what Electrum is – a popular cryptocurrency wallet. Find out about its advantages and how Electrum works. What is Electrum?Elektrum is a cryptocurrency wallet, available in desktop and mobile versions. The tool was created in 2011 by Thomas Voegtlin. Electrum is called a light wallet, thanks to which its use does not require downloading an extensive data chain – for this purpose the tool uses information collected on a remote server.What currencies does Electrum support?Initially, the wallet only supported Bitcoin, but now versions for Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SC and DASH have also been developed based on the open source code. The basis is a standard wallet with one key verification, which fulfills basic functions and is intended for most users. The second solution is a multisig wallet. Due to the greater number of authentication keys, it provides greater security. The third wallet is an extended version of multisig, or 2FA. Another type are wallets imported with priva

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