Cryptocurrency trading bots – what should you know about them?

More and more platforms advertising using trading bots are appearing on the market, which are supposed to provide investors with passive income from cryptocurrencies. Before proceeding with any activities, however, it is worth taking the time to understand how such automation actually works – is it really a hen that lays golden eggs? Cryptocurrency trading bot – imaginations vs realityLots of people wish their money would just drop out of the sky – and while it’s sometimes fun to dream up, be careful not to get lost in it all. There is a deep gulf between unreal desires and reality – but not everyone sees it, so we can witness a flood of users looking for fast, high and guaranteed profit with minimal or no own contribution. One of the paths they follow is the one leading them to pseudo investment platforms with an ‘amazing’ algorithm allowing them to generate passive income without any knowledge, experience or millions in your account. These wonderful software allow you to earn not on

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