Cryptocurrency in the Casino Niche – whatever happened to Funfair?

Cryptocurrency has gradually made its way into the everyday online casino space. Now players can deposit their cryptos to play blackjack, slot games, poker and much more at a wide range of online sites. These operators don’t usually allow players to gamble with their crypto, but instead, their deposit is exchanged for the local fiat currency upon the deposit.
But there is another type of crypto casino that goes further than just accepting cryptocurrency deposits. These gaming operators enable players to gamble with their crypto to win more (often via a type of unique casino cryptocurrency) and sometimes the casinos and/or its games are developed from blockchain technology.
One example of these innovative crypto-like casinos is Funfair. But what happened  since its humble beginnings in 2018? Find out here.What Is Funfair?
The Funfair cryptocurrency is like any other great crypto payment method, but it is made and used differently. The platform runs on decentralised blockchain techn

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