BTC is trading around $ 13,500 – what next?

Ever since the oldest cryptocurrency briefly surged above $ 14,000 on Saturday, its chart has seen a twist. BTC plunged towards $ 13,500 – but did not touch this line. The current price for one Bitcoin is around $ 13,525 – what are the forecasts and opinions of market analysts? The most important information:
On October 31, BTC reached its highest level since January 2018, reaching $ 14,028 per coinThe cryptocurrency ended last month in a 28% increase, rising from under USD 11,000 to over USD 13,000Well-known market commentator – Peter Brandt emphasized that for a long time the Bitcoin session has not been closed as high as on Saturday. In his opinion, this is an important element as the end-of-month valuation of assets is how institutional investors evaluate their investmentsEmotions in the Bitcoin community remain high – fear and greed indicator signals greedMax Keizer claims that BTC has the best chance of surviving the presidential election in the United States without a collision

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