Wondering why BTC price is that low? Here’s why!

The price of BTC trades around $ 11,000 per coin, yet many people find it too low. According to investment banker and cryptocurrency supporter Mike Novogratz, this is because it is an early stage in the Bitcoin adoption cycle. The price of BTC will not rise if people do not believe the cryptocurrency!There are a multitude of people who have never encountered the cryptocurrency market in their life, know little about it, have wrong views or completely do not understand it. One Bitcoin enthusiast decided to describe a situation from her family home in which she tried to tell her relatives about BTC.
This topic became such an interesting topic for discussion that Mike Novogratz himself joined it.
Changing attitudes towards BitcoinAlthough on our way we often meet people who say that BTC is evil, SCAM or a financial pyramid, and investing in it is as dangerous as playing poker, it should be realized that such opinions are mainly related to the lack of basic knowledge about fundamental and

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