The BTC price shows low volatility – is this a signal to a stronger move?

Bitcoin has been trading in a narrow price range for a long time. Due to the fact that the volatility in the chart of this cryptocurrency is relatively low, it can be concluded that this is a signal to the upcoming larger movement. Low volatility on BTC – a signal to heavy traffic?People who follow the situation on the Bitcoin market on an ongoing basis know that in the world of cryptocurrencies it is rarely boring. The BTC rate has surprised us more than once, unexpectedly climbing up or falling sharply. Usually a stronger impulse was needed for this. Looking at the historical chart of this cryptocurrency, you can see that usually after a long trade in a narrow price range, there were strong moves – both ways. Will it be the same this time?

Recently, the popular investment strategist Raol Pal drew attention to the behavior of Bitcoin, in one of his posts on Twitter admitted that he expected a strong change on the BTC chart. In the opinion of this analyst, the story speaks in favor

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