JP Morgan Chase was preparing the ground for its own digital currency

Not so long ago, analysts from the largest bank in the United States bowed their heads to Bitcoin, claiming that the cryptocurrency plays a great role as a store of value, protecting against inflation. Moreover, they emphasized that its value is much greater because it can be used as a means of making payments. However, this sudden change in JP Morgan Chase’s attitude towards BTC was not accidental … The most important information:The world’s seventh largest bank reported that its digital currency, JPM Coin, is commercially used by a large tech company – its name has not been disclosedThis information was released some time after a report appeared on the market in which analysts from JP Morgan Chase praised … BitcoinA few years ago, the attitude of this institution towards cryptocurrencies – and especially the oldest of them, was strongly negative. At a time when it was necessary to lay the foundations for the development of its own digital currency and a new project called Onyx,

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