Is it worth investing in Bitcoin now?

This question is running through the minds of many newbies today. As the price of the most popular cryptocurrency increases, so does its popularity. More and more people talks about this cryptocurrency – but is it worth putting money into it now? The best time to buy BTC – you can’t feel it perfectlyOf course, you can speculate on how the entire economic or political landscape will affect Bitcoin’s rate. Some people stubbornly observe and analyze the behavior of investors – after all, we have seen more than once how during local crises, people turned to the most popular crypto asset. They saw in it primarily a lifebuoy that could prevent them from going down with a sinking ship. However, it is important to realize that measuring the ideal moment to buy and sell BTC is not an easy task (it is practically impossible). It is certainly not enough just technical analysis. Baa, I dare say that even combining it with fundamental analysis is not able to bring results aimed at the point. Peopl

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