BTC is trading sideways – what do analysts expect?

The current price of Bitcoin is around 11 390 USD. There has been a slight change in the chart of this cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours. BTC is currently at 0.82% negative. What are analysts forecasting? BTC rate – what direction will it take?Bitcoin is currently trading in the region of 11 390 USD per coin. Since Saturday, its rate has shown low volatility, moving within a narrow price range. The cryptocurrency has climbed above 11 500 USD several times before dropping slightly below this line.
There was quite a lot of optimism among Bitcoin investors. Yesterday the anxiety and greed indicator suggested that they were showing greed, today emotions have subsided a bit.
source: alternative.meBitcoin will never drop below 11 000 USD again – is that possible?This was the assumption made by Tomothy Peterson, writing on Twitter that there is a 90% chance that this will happen. However, it is worth approaching this opinion with a distance, because the oldest cryptocurrency has surprised

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