Bitcoin’s price is above $ 12,000. Altcoins far behind

The current BTC exchange rate is around USD 12,251. This cryptocurrency unexpectedly surpassed the level long awaited by everyone. Currently, it is 4.5% positive in the 24-hour range. The most important information:
The current price of Bitcoin is around $ 12,251. During today’s session, BTC started its climb unexpectedlyBTC’s commercial dominance over altcoins has reached its highest level in the last 3 years – the same was true when Bitcoin was moving towards USD 20,000 per coinThere is a great greed on the market of the oldest cryptocurrencyThe current situation on the BTC marketYesterday’s Bitcoin session opened at $ 11,745.97, while the close was at $ 11,916.34. This in turn resulted in an increase of $ 170.36 – or 1.45%.
[btc] Currently, the oldest cryptocurrency trades above $ 12,000 per coin. In the daily range, it is 4.5% up with the price of USD 12,251.
Investor greed has increased significantly since yesterday – as evidenced by the data from the anxiety and greed index in t

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