Bitcoin stops as it climbed toward 12 000 USD

The current price of Bitcoin is around $ 11,399. In the 7-day range, this cryptocurrency is over 6% up. Investor sentiment remains neutral. The current situation on the Bitcoin chartYesterday’s session on BTC opened at USD 11,296.08, and closed at USD 11,384.18 – which resulted in a 0.78% increase. Remember, however, that Bitcoin traded below $ 11,000 for a long time, and in the 7-day range, the change on its chart is over 6%.
Although today emotions have slightly subsided, according to the anxiety and greed index, yesterday investors of the oldest cryptocurrency showed greed. The highest level reached by the BTC price at that time was USD 11,428.81 – according to averaged statistics from CoinMarketCap.As much as 89.28% of BTC addresses are currently profitableAccording to data published by a company dealing with blockchain analysis – intotheblock, users who own Bitcoin have something to be happy about. At the current exchange rate of more than $ 11,000, 89.28% of all 31.94 million BT

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