Bitcoin price – what caused the drop to USD 10,500?

Bitcoin price is over 4.5% negative in the daily range. What triggered the price drop from close to $ 11,000 to $ 10,500? According to analysts, this was due to several factors. Bitcoin price – a decrease of nearly 5%While this fluctuation may seem minor compared to the historical ups and downs in BTC price, it’s worth noting that the red wave has also flooded altcoins. The most popular ones, in turn, lost 5 to 10 or even 15%!
Yesterday’s Bitcoin session was opened at USD 10,938 and closed around USD 10,462. This change was over 4%. While these are typical movements in the cryptocurrency market, some users have panicked – the indicator of fear and greed shows us that neutral sentiment has turned into fear.

It is worth noting that Monday was also not kind to stocks and commodities. It turns out, however, that the US dollar index shows a completely opposite tendency. Some try to link this phenomenon to the recurrence of fear related to the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing that people will on

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