Bitcoin price – summary of the most important information from the market

The current BTC rate is around USD 13,000 per coin. Bitcoin has climbed above that line once again in the last 24 hours. The current price of this cryptocurrency is $ 12,938. What exactly is happening in the market? The most important information:During yesterday’s session, the highest price level on Bitcoin was USD 13,161.59, and the lowest was USD 12,717.09. Greed among investors is growing day by dayThe amount of BTC coins stored on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges has dropped below 2.5 million Bitcoins – the lowest amount in the last 2 years. This could mean a shift in investor sentiment from short term to long termAccording to the latest data, the BTC exchange rate has only a 7% chance of breaking its record level of $ 20,000 this yearThe market sentiment and the fundamentals on which Bitcoin is based continue to support the boomSome analysts say that the oldest cryptocurrency is entering a bullish trend. They also point to high demand from institutional investors – this

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