Bitcoin Price comes closer to 14 000 USD!

The Bitcoin price is currently at a nearly 5% plus in the daily range. Currently, this cryptocurrency trades around $ 13,717 per coin. Where is the BTC price heading? Here is a summary of the most important information from the market! Bitcoin price – 14 000 USD at your fingertipsThe uninteresting situation in the world is driving the Bitcoin rally?Increased interest among retail and institutional investorsBitcoin price – 14 000 USD at your fingertipsThe current BTC rate is around USD 13,717. In the last 24 hours, this cryptocurrency has established a new year’s highest price level. Yesterday’s Bitcoin session opened at $ 13,075.24, and the closing was at $ 13,654.22. This, in turn, brought us an increase of 4.43%.
However, the price of the oldest cryptocurrency did not rest on its laurels. BTC hit $ 18,837.70 per coin. But analysts say $ 18,875 could be a key resistance line for Bitcoin, as indicated by the weekly candlestick chart.
Recall that last year’s highest level on this crypt

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