Bitcoin is trading sideways – what is happening in the market?

The current Bitcoin rate is around USD 13,101. For several days now, this cryptocurrency has been moving in a narrow price range between $ 12,800 and $ 13,200 per coin. What is currently happening on the BTC market? The most important information:Yesterday’s session on the Bitcoin chart closed with a profit of $ 44.05 – or 0.34%The number of addresses with a balance greater than or equal to 1,000 BTC has increased to a record levelOne user transferred over $ 1.15 billion in Bitcoin with a transaction fee of only $ 3.6Bitcoin rate – trading in a narrow price rangeThe BTC exchange rate has been showing little volatility from the last few days. This cryptocurrency fluctuates between $ 12,800 and $ 13,200 – and has gently crossed this limit several times. The current price of Bitcoin is around $ 13,101.
[btc] Yesterday’s BTC session opened at USD 13,031.20, and closed at USD 13,075.25, which resulted in a slight change.
As for the emotions that currently prevail on the market of the oldes

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